My name is Carrie and I am a wife to one great guy (The Mr./Jeremy), a mommy to one amazing girl (Gemma), and a doggy-mama to one rascally dog (Rockstar).  We all live in the city (Portland, OR) and we love it despite it's sogginess.

When I was in the 4th grade I learned how to make "worry dolls" out of toothpicks and embroidery floss. I went to work fulfilling my friends' custom orders for their very own dolls. Then came middle school where I learned the art of creating hemp bracelets and necklaces. I sold those to my friends too! It quickly became clear I was born make and sell crafty goodness... 

Today my art is frequently created using one of my many cameras (though I rarely meet an art medium I don't enjoy). In fact, I often wish I had triple the time I do (who doesn't?) in order to explore other creative endeavors. This blog is a space I use to share what I do and who I am becoming everyday. It's also a place where I'm lucky to have met some super creative people. I hope I've only just begun!