Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reminiscing #2: Family Time

At the beginning of August I got to spend 9 days with my fam. The first leg of the trip was in Dallas- just me, Mom, and Angie. Some highlights:

*Asking our waiter if he'd "ever tried the Wiener Schnitzel?" (I never claimed to be mature)

*Shopping with stellar shopping companions

*Discovering these shoes:

*Getting my fill of Chik-Fil-A... WHY do they not exist in the NW? We have a serious shortage of waffle fries in our part of the country!

The next leg was in OK at Angie's place where I got to play with her beautiful kiddos:

Finally, Mom and I went back to Denver where Jer flew in and we hung out with my Dad and Bro. We went to a Rockies Game, watched the Olympics, experienced freakishly cold/wet weather, and went to the Denver Art Museum. My favorite part was the Clyfford Still exhibit, soon to become the Clyfford Still Museum. So inspiring. I also loved all the interactive parts of the museum including this wall where anyone could post their definition of 'Art'. It made me want to have a wall in my house where the people who visit can post their thoughts and ideas. How do you define art?
Oh yeah, and I loved this quote so much I talked the security guard into letting me leave it on my camera (he busted me for taking pictures of the temporary exhibit and made me delete the rest). The quote makes me feel like my snapshot style of photography is indeed valuable.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Reminiscing #1: A Day at the Beach

Late in July, Stacey - my best friend of 12 years - came to visit for a long weekend. It had been years since we spent that kind of time together and it was SO GREAT to hang out. She is like a sister and I miss her all the time. While she was in town we went to Cannon Beach and it was such a beautiful day! We have lots of memories there and now we'll have another. The day we talked for hours while polishing off a bag of mint Oreos.

We were laughing so hard this was the only picture we pulled ourselves together for.


Another day of her visit Stace came along on our church youth activity to the Alpine Slides. Just so you know, I annihilated her.

Autumn around the corner...

Wow! I cannot believe that we're a week away from Labor Day! A few things I'm looking forward to this coming Fall/Winter:

*Another season of The Office
*Football games

*My new boots
*Snowboarding with the husband

*Ang, my marvelous sister, and her cute family are moving to Corvallis. That's only 1.5 hours from me!!!

BUT, I'm not ready to let go of summer quite yet. It's been a busy one and I've neglected to blog about much of it. So, my next several posts will consist of some reminiscing. Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's not the power of the curse, it's the power you give the curse

Right. So it's been a while and I intend to make up for lost blogging time over the course of the next few days. For now, I thought I'd do a quick movie review. Jer is currently in Bend with his family and I have to work Tues & Weds, after which I will rush to his side to enjoy some of my fav central OR activities. Until then, I am enjoying my watch-whatever-movie-I-want time. I make a point of doing that whenever he's away (don't let me forget to tell you about my experience with 'Amelie' when he went on his last trip). Tonight, it was Penelope. I thought it was a darling movie and my favorite parts are outlined below:

*The scene where Penelope is trying to guess which instrument Max plays and he's butchering 'You Are My Sunshine' ...adorable
*The scene where Penelope sees the outside world for the first time. And the way she sends postcards from everywhere she goes even though the places are nowhere exceptional ...I want to remember to stop and see the world for the first time sometimes, to enjoy every little big thing.
*Hooray for the set and costume designers ...I would love to live in Penelope's room, at least for a little while.

If you aren't familiar with the scenes I'm referring to, see the movie. I recommend it. Now it's real late and I'm real tired. More posts tomorrow. Promise.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday

Despite the October-like weather, today was a good day. I had a job at Nordstrom where I got to wear pretty Gucci clothes that I will never wear in real life. My feet still hurt from the torturous 5 inch heals (that's right, I said 5 inches) but even they were pretty so I couldn't be too mad.
On my break I went to Starbucks for some hot herbal tea (shouldn't I be drinking iced on August 1st?) and it was packed. So crowded it was standing room only. Somehow I snagged a table and was enjoying my blueberry scone when I notice a woman nearby using her suitcase as a table. I offered her a seat at my table so she didn't have to balance her coffee so precariously and she accepted. Voila! Instant friend. We talked for over an hour and had a great time. Holly, if you're reading this I hope you had a nice trip home to California.

This evening we went with friends to Thirty! an art show/sale. There were 31 artists who painted 31 paintings in 31 days and they were on sale for $31 each. First was the show and then you got in line and when they re-opened the doors, it was a first-come-first-serve mad house. The one I wanted real bad was already taken but I got this beauty by a local artist called Cvita Mamic. Yay! I love it!
After we all got our fill of fighting for art, we headed over to Russel Street Barbecue (Yum!) and discussed this skit:

To finish off the day, we came home to a package from Amazon sitting on our doorstep. It was like Christmas and now I can check book 3 off my list.