Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday

Despite the October-like weather, today was a good day. I had a job at Nordstrom where I got to wear pretty Gucci clothes that I will never wear in real life. My feet still hurt from the torturous 5 inch heals (that's right, I said 5 inches) but even they were pretty so I couldn't be too mad.
On my break I went to Starbucks for some hot herbal tea (shouldn't I be drinking iced on August 1st?) and it was packed. So crowded it was standing room only. Somehow I snagged a table and was enjoying my blueberry scone when I notice a woman nearby using her suitcase as a table. I offered her a seat at my table so she didn't have to balance her coffee so precariously and she accepted. Voila! Instant friend. We talked for over an hour and had a great time. Holly, if you're reading this I hope you had a nice trip home to California.

This evening we went with friends to Thirty! an art show/sale. There were 31 artists who painted 31 paintings in 31 days and they were on sale for $31 each. First was the show and then you got in line and when they re-opened the doors, it was a first-come-first-serve mad house. The one I wanted real bad was already taken but I got this beauty by a local artist called Cvita Mamic. Yay! I love it!
After we all got our fill of fighting for art, we headed over to Russel Street Barbecue (Yum!) and discussed this skit:

To finish off the day, we came home to a package from Amazon sitting on our doorstep. It was like Christmas and now I can check book 3 off my list.

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Johanna Hallenberger said...

You have to hard of a life girl! LOL I would KILL myself in those shoes! It's takes real talent to wear those things!