Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Splendid Baby-Moon

Last Thursday we got the crazy idea to have one last get-away before Little One arrives. We've since been told that's called a "babymoon". Jer found this great boutique hotel in Astoria so we took Friday afternoon off and hit the road. We were pleasantly suprised with how hip and cool Astoria was. Most Oregon coastal towns are a little bit backwards. Astoria is the exception. It is enjoying a revitalization period and we were enjoying right along with it. We stayed at the super cool Commodore Hotel - recently remodeled and reopened after closing it's doors suddenly in the 1960's. When bought a few years back, everything was untouched and in place as it had been for 40 years. The photos they took are what decorate the walls and the lobby is full of random artifacts. I highly recommend a night's stay there. We checked in, walked around town looking at shops and galleries, drove onto Sunset Beach (literally drove... right up to the ocean's edge, rolled down our windows and read with the sound of the sea in our ears), ate a yummy dinner at the funky yet stylish Astoria Coffeehouse, watched a movie and fell asleep to the comedy channel. Saturday brought a walk along the pier to breakfast at The Cannery Cafe, a drive-by of the Goonies house, a visit to the outlet mall, and one more walk on the beach at Seaside. It was Fab. Looking back on the pictures I took, it appears Astoria inspired me in a graphic way...

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Real Cute Baby Shower

A few Saturdays ago, my amazing sister threw me an amazing baby shower. She had the help of a few of my family and friends when it came to execution but she was the party throwing wizard behind the curtain. You must see some of her darling/brilliantly creative ideas. Sadly, I took these pictures as guests were arriving so they were rushed and don't do justice to how cute everything was. At least you'll get a little glimpse...
The "garden party" took place in my mother-in-law's beautiful backyard
guests were greeted by balloons

Paper poms and lanterns hung from the trees

And even tiny little girly clothes

Butterflies in the bushes

Super cute centerpieces on the tables

And my-oh-my, look at that food table!
with yummies galore

And brightly colored beverages, each with their own label containing a different profound quote about babies or motherhood

These were on the gift table but I didn't get pictures until too late...

Ang made those photo holders. Those and the frames held baby pics of me and Jer. Can you tell who's who?

This platter was loaded with favors containing Angie's homemade caramels... mmmm!

And here we are after the big event... My mom and sister are the best ever!!!