Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Has anyone ever told you you look like Batman?

Ever since the new Batman movie preview first hit theaters, Jeremy keeps getting asked that question. That's right, he's a caped crime-fighter. I've never noticed him missing from our bed at night.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm not jealous, really

It's just Rockstar and I this weekend while Jer is in Bend for the Deschutes Dash sprint triathlon. I decided to stay behind this year so I wouldn't miss another week of church. (Now that I'm young women's president (youth group leader) I feel guilty being gone.)I just got off the phone with him and apparently he just finished floating the river. That might be one of my favorite things to do on God's green earth. That's okay though, I mean, so what if he is floating the Deschutes and beating his tri time from last year and I'm not. So what. I am cleaning out my desk, paying bills and catching up on work. Oh, and watching Rockstar soak up all the rays I'm missing out on. But I'm not jealous.

DIY decor and other pretty things

The attention I give my home and its appearance comes in spurts. I get in these moods where all I want to do is look at decor magz and shop online and then I get obsessed and want do buy and do everything that will make my home the perfect representation of who I am and the things that make me happy. It's overwhelming. I quickly get burned out and move on to something else until the next home make-over mood strikes. I've decided to change my ways. I'm just going to do a little here and a little there as I come across beautiful things or fun DIY projects. We sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist when we moved in January and hadn't spent all our earnings. Here are some of the ways I've spent, or want to spend our loot:
I bought a map of Portland from 1911 on ebay, blew it up and hung it above the fireplace using some of IKEA's fabulous hardware offerings.
I'm real proud of this next one... I've been searching for a pendant drum light but struggled to find one I liked that was also affordable. Then Red, White and Blue (the best thrift store ever) came through for me. They had this shade still in the wrapping for $3.95. I didn't like the off-white color so I dyed it ($3.00 RIT dye). Lastly I needed the electrical hardware so off to IKEA I drove. Their stand-alone cord system doesn't really stand-alone but they did have an entire light fixture on clearance for $1.99 so after a little shade-swap here is my $8.94 pendant drum light: Mom, go ahead and wipe those proud tears from your eyes... you've taught me well.

Now that I have the light fixture, my dining room will be finished as soon as I get this beauty (the rug, not the dog) from Cb2 to replace our too-small existing one:
I just ordered this funky coat rack from Urban for the strange alcove in our entryway that I never new what to do with.

Here's our reading corner, soon to be more interesting when this rug arrives (also from Urban)
And when I can get a lamp like this one:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lickity Split

We just had such a fun evening! Jeremy, Matt, Lisa and I walked up to meet Kate and J for a little Skinnidip. (The frozen yogurt kind, not the swimming naked kind) and as we were chatting, in walked Amber and Mike. We shut the place down and then piled into A & M's car to ride the 19ish blocks home. I commented how the scenario felt like college life, so Mike asked for gas money. Ha ha. They pulled over and we jumped out "lickity split" (said Jeremy). We are so blessed to have such cool people to hang out with. Thanks for being our friends, guys! We're looking forward to Friday night's double feature...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Red, White, and Blue Skies

Okay, here are the pictures of our holiday weekend. We had an amazing time in Bend as we always do. Swimming, biking, rafting, running and just being in nature. Now trying to figure how we can live there and do fun things like this all the time...
Here's a little piece of the big, big skies in Central OR

My Orange toes

My darling husband, our dog and some fireworks

The McCaslines
While riding our bikes we stopped at the stables to make a new friend

The view from our raft

Me and the Mr.

"Is that Tarzan?" you may be wondering... Actually it's Jer on the rope swing we discovered. He was just about to drop into the freezing cold water and invite us all to do the same. So fun, we've already made plans to go back next month.

My boys

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yankee Doodle Dandy

I was real tired last night after the fireworks and festivities so I didn't post my 4th of July entry on the 4th of July. We're in Sunriver with the McCaslines and having lots of fun. Central Oregon is one of my favorite places on earth and I'll post all the lovely images of our trip when I get home. For now, here are some pictures of what I want to be doing on Independence Day 2009. For my birthday, I hope the birthday fairy leaves me an Airstream Trailer. How much fun would it be to cross country in one of these babies: