Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm not jealous, really

It's just Rockstar and I this weekend while Jer is in Bend for the Deschutes Dash sprint triathlon. I decided to stay behind this year so I wouldn't miss another week of church. (Now that I'm young women's president (youth group leader) I feel guilty being gone.)I just got off the phone with him and apparently he just finished floating the river. That might be one of my favorite things to do on God's green earth. That's okay though, I mean, so what if he is floating the Deschutes and beating his tri time from last year and I'm not. So what. I am cleaning out my desk, paying bills and catching up on work. Oh, and watching Rockstar soak up all the rays I'm missing out on. But I'm not jealous.


lindsey said...

First of all, I saw that picture first before I read your DIY post and thought "I love that reading corner...What a great apartment!" You are really living the city life that I dream of! :) Then the next post was all about your very cool style and I was even more impressed!

Oh, and P.S. I can believe that you are the Y.W.'s president because you kick butt, but I can't believe that you have all of that responsibility because WOW! aren't we too young??? And by 'we' I mean you, because I'm old!

Johanna Hallenberger said...

Seriously, I want your apartment and I can't believe your husband has that style too!! COOL!!!


Girl meets wine said...

Hey Carrie!

Funny, I found your blog and then realized we went to HS together! I love it. Your baby is so cute.
I also love the chair in this photo. Where did you get it?? My website will be up an running soon- I'll send you the link sometime.

Girl meets wine said...

Hey Carrie!

I love your blog.