Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reminiscing #2: Family Time

At the beginning of August I got to spend 9 days with my fam. The first leg of the trip was in Dallas- just me, Mom, and Angie. Some highlights:

*Asking our waiter if he'd "ever tried the Wiener Schnitzel?" (I never claimed to be mature)

*Shopping with stellar shopping companions

*Discovering these shoes:

*Getting my fill of Chik-Fil-A... WHY do they not exist in the NW? We have a serious shortage of waffle fries in our part of the country!

The next leg was in OK at Angie's place where I got to play with her beautiful kiddos:

Finally, Mom and I went back to Denver where Jer flew in and we hung out with my Dad and Bro. We went to a Rockies Game, watched the Olympics, experienced freakishly cold/wet weather, and went to the Denver Art Museum. My favorite part was the Clyfford Still exhibit, soon to become the Clyfford Still Museum. So inspiring. I also loved all the interactive parts of the museum including this wall where anyone could post their definition of 'Art'. It made me want to have a wall in my house where the people who visit can post their thoughts and ideas. How do you define art?
Oh yeah, and I loved this quote so much I talked the security guard into letting me leave it on my camera (he busted me for taking pictures of the temporary exhibit and made me delete the rest). The quote makes me feel like my snapshot style of photography is indeed valuable.


Hallenbergers said...

I LOVE CHIK-Fil-A!!! you seriously wear those shoes?! I would either hurt or kill myself in those! Go you!!

Erin and Steve said...

such cute shoes!