Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'd like to take this opportunity to cry

That's a line from a song by Priscilla Ahn and whenever I think about the things I'm going to share with you, it always comes to mind.

I generally subscribe to the philosophy of the photographer Rodney Smith who said "I want people to see the beauty and whimsy of life, not its ugliness." Times like this however, I feel that life has ugliness that must be addressed to be overcome.

A few weeks ago, Jeremy and I saw this movie:

I first heard about the issue of human trafficking years ago and felt scared and overwhelmed. My sudden awareness to the depth and breadth of sadness in the world brought me to tears. That's all I knew to do. It seemed too big and too powerful for little me to stop it. My tears, my mourning other people's hardship was the first step in my desire to free them from it. It is too big for just me, but this movie gave me hope that in numbers we can change the world. It was changed dramatically during the abolitionist movement. It's been done before, why not now? This is a 21st Century abolitionist movement. Good is more powerful than evil, light dispels darkness, we have the power, we just have to respond. It is unacceptable to allow these crimes to continue. "Justice is what love looks like in public." These children and young women deserve justice, they deserve love. I intend to fight for them.

"It's come into my life for a reason, I have to respond."

The wheels in my brain haven't stopped turning since I saw the movie. I have a few ideas to pursue and I'll need your help. Until my plans start to materialize, visit the Call + Response website for ways to get involved. Still not feeling your power? Watch this video and listen to the Five For Fighting song beneath it.....everyday......until you believe it.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can
change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead


lindsey said...

I am so intrigued and will head over to the site you mentioned right now. Injustices like this don't have to continue. I feel this same way about the need for secular, non-religious education for boys AND girls in Afghanistan and northern India.

Habs said...

I'm checking out the site too! I know this is a huge problem but feel I am very uneducated about the subject. I would love to do something to make a difference.

tina bean said...

you are a good woman mrs. s. and you happen to have included one of my most favorite songs with this post. keep fighting the good fight and i promise to do the same. ciao.