Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Advice Please...

The day after tomorrow I'm leaving town. Jer and I are headed to "Fabulous Las Vegas" to spend Memorial weekend with his family. 
My agenda for the trip: 
spend lots of time 
(1) in the pool 
(2) reading 
(3) drawing 
(4) listening to this and this
Sounds pretty fabulous, right? Well, I need your help. I want a really good book to read and I'm not sure what to choose. I'd like something light enough to quickly get into and want to keep turning those pages (it's vacation after all), but also heavy/well-written enough to provoke some thinking and inspiration. The Secret Life of Bees fits this description perfectly for me if that helps you narrow it down. So there you have it... your mission should you choose to accept: recommend the perfect book for my travels. Please and thank you. <3


lindsey said...

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

It's one of my favorites. VERY well written and moving.

Melissa Harris said...

Anything by Shannon Hale. The Princess Academy, Book of a Thousand Days, or Goose Girl would be great to start with. Somehow I'm able to ignore undone laundry, crumbs on the floor, and even kids whining anytime I'm reading one of these books.

~Jessie~ said...

Your little trip sounds fun. I don't know if this is your kind of book but I liked it... The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan. It is a historical fiction book based in India. It is a girl/woman from birth until her late 40s. It is an easy and short read with a love story and some history. How can you go wrong? Have a good time in Las Vegas.

Fank said...

So what did you end up reading in Vegas?