Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gemma's Pad

Today I took some pictures of Gemma's room. I keep getting asked if I did what I had planned in this post. See for yourself...
I stitched them together in Photoshop to make this slightly crazy perspective panorama. It kind of reminds me of a pinhole photo. (No, the furniture isn't tiny- they are 14 foot ceilings so from this perspective they just look miniature.) 
I painted her dresser and ric-racked her lampshade.
And closer up...
And closer still...
That hankie in need of ironing was my Grandma's. (Jean, from whom Gemma got her middle name. She also collected elephants and now Gemma has a small collection)
That baby doll was my most prized posession as a kid- I got her for my 2nd birthday and gave her the obvious name: Birthday Baby
I love this little picture. It's from a vintage card I got at my shower. The giver said she found it in her grandmother's old things. Precious.
A new take on a bookshelf/toy chest

An out-of-focus close-up on her bedding

Like the photo on her wall above? It can be purchased in my little shop any day of the week!
And quite possibly the coolest thing in Gemma's room (aside from the girl who lives there) is this painting. For my birthday my rad sister had this custom painting done of me and the wee babe. The artist is the super-cool, super-talented, super inspiring Elsie. You can follow her creative life on her blog or support her efforts to "take over the world and make it cute" while getting some cool stuff by shopping at her shop.


lindsey said...

I want to live in this room!!! It is perfect!!! I love the picture, the painting, the bedding, the ROCKING CHAIR!!! Everything is just so great.

Sara said...

I love that you have given her a few things from your childhood and from her grandmother to have that tangible connection to her past. Cute space to match the cutie who lives there.