Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day! In honor of my Daddy, here's a little list:

Top Ten Reason's John Shumway deserves at least one day in his honor-
10.) He sacrificed his career as a rock star when I was born so he could settle down with three little ones.
9.) He always knew the funniest songs to make his kids laugh and was great at always playing with us.
8.) He knew every park and walking trail and public event in the NW where we could spend family time.
7.) He always did whatever it took to take care of all our needs.
6.) He would play guitar for me until I fell asleep, and even made a recording of his music for me when I went to college.
5.) He never missed an important performance or event of mine. He even danced with me and my dance team in front of hundreds of people.
4.) He taught me from the time I was small that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me.
3.) He is the most well-rounded person I know. He can have an interesting conversation about music, art, religion, politics, business, finances, sports, etc.
2.) He never leaves any doubt that he loves and believes in everyone in his family
And the number one reason to celebrate Dad today...
1.) He's just the best, cutest Daddy ever!

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