Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm back... token pregnant picture... and a WINNER!

Home from Girls Camp. Trying to catch up on sleep and rest my weary fingers. I probably braided no less than 40 french braids this week. We had a blast, ate too much and slept too little. That's me in our cabin... 33 weeks along. Can I really get bigger to the tune of 7 more weeks? Yikes!

Now on to more exciting news... We have a WINNER! I had The Mr. randomly choose a number that related to one of the lovely people who so willingly supported my fun contest. He chose.... drum roll please.... Dear sweet Natalie!!!! I was lucky enough to meet Natalie when I moved into a house full of 7 other girls back in my BYU days. Coolest girls ever, I love them to death and Nat is a total rock star. Talented, beautiful, stylish and funny funny funny. And now the owner of a pendant necklace + print. Nat, please email me which ones you'd like and I'll drop them in the mail! ALSO, to all of you who participated and so generously mentioned me on your blog (or still plan to) - email me your address and which print you like and I'll send you a mini-print as a THANK YOU


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

Ok, can you be any cuter pregnant? Seriously adorable. Thank you for finally posting a picture!

lindsey said...

Okay, I'm way behind on blogging, but I was so happy to stop by and see this at the top of the page!!!

You look ADORABLE!!!!!! I'm so excited for you and the Mr. about this baby! I can't wait for you guys to meet your little one!

Natalie said...

Number one: You couldn't be cuter? Are you even pregnant?

Number two: I'm thrilled beyond belief! I'm dying in fact, I've never one anything, let alone something I REALLY wanted to win. I have to decide which one to choose so I'll get to you asap!!

The Palicks In Portland said...

Yes please, and thank you!! I like the print with two orange flowers :)

Britt Palick
3541 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy #23
Portland, OR 97221

Habs said...

I would have loved having you as a Young Women's leader. You are super cute preggers:) Can't wait to meet the lil' girl.