Monday, March 15, 2010

well, hello there...'s been a little while! We've been busy trading viruses around our house and unfortunately I didn't feel that Gemma wiping her boogery nose on my sweatshirt was blog-worthy information. We're on the mend and had a pretty nice weekend. Breakfast with friends and then an afternoon of just me and my man. We took a nap, went to lunch and then vintage furniture shopping. The above photo is a random pic I took while we were out and about. (I'm fairly certain that's a drawing of our virus) Now I'm planning my back-to-normal-and-healthy week ahead. Sayonara boogery noses, we've got lives to live.


marta said...

such a pretty shot.. thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog! i wanted to let you know i updated my website to am excited to browse your pretty space. happy weekend. xo.

Pamela said...

so happy you are feeling better! it was GREAT seeing you last night! let's get together again soon! xo