Monday, March 1, 2010

20 Questions

1. Show us the inside of something cute

2. What's the last home cooking you had?

The Mr.'s French Toast
3. What do you miss?
stacey my love
4. What makes you laugh often?
5. What's your favorite word?
6. What are you trying to quit?
7. What's your favorite commercial right now?

For so many reasons, this one:

8. Whose style do you dig?
9. Link to a great blog you've discovered lately...

This guy's photog is splendid-
10. What's the last craft you made?

11. A photo of the last happy mail you got

12. Something you've got lately

this poster-
13. What are you looking forward to?


14. Post a recent snapshot of yourself.
15. Recent favorite movie?
16. Something you're working on right now?

This blog post

17. If a movie were made about you, who would play you?

In a dream world (which is where we'd be
anyway if there was a movie about me):

18. What gives you goosebumps?
19. Share a new obsession
20. What's the meaning of your life?



Pamela said...

What a fun post! Aaron and I just saw the Miss Pettigrew movie...loved it. Call me! xo

John and Brittney said...

Hey Car, ran across a cute blog the other day that I thought you might be interested in. It's It kinda reminds me of your blog. Cute post by the way!

stace said...

I miss you too :) and I love you.

The Palicks In Portland said...

This is so cute, i might have to steal it. I too am trying to quit mini-eggs, they're my favorite. If you love stop motion things check this video out. :)

rachel! said...

mmm, lovely set. inspiring pictures.

alyssa said...

The bear outfit! I LOVE those, and wish I had a kid I could dress in one :) I am stopping by from your Indie Biz class :)