Friday, May 14, 2010

Quit Clowning Around

A few weeks back I met up with my old college roommates for the weekend so we could attend BYU Women's Conference and also shop, eat and discuss all sorts of nonsense to the point of hysterical laughter. When we were in the planning phase of this year's SHREX (Sperry House Reunion EXtravaganza) I thought a clown-themed photo shoot would be a grand idea. You see back in our Sperry House days we were such a circus that we earned ourselves clown names one by one starting with Bozo aka Jenny. They have stuck with us (my name is Chums in case you were wondering) and so we decided to take it to the next level. Thanks to my tripod and self-timer I was able to jump into the group shots. We rather enjoyed ourselves despite the occasional snowflake. (I'm not kidding, it snowed. It was THAT cold.)


lindsey said...

We are SO CUTE!



Pamela said...

omigoodness...those pictures are simply the best! so glad you were able to spend time with such great friends.

glad you're back!


Chelsea said...

what a cute idea for a shoot!

Sarita said...

Super fun.