Monday, June 14, 2010

What Home Means to Me

Today it's my turn to participate in 'Pin it Forward' and post what home means to me. But first, a big thanks to Victoria over at sfgirlbybay for organizing all this. Also for letting us in on the wonder that is Pinterest. I have had my eyes opened to a whole new world of inspiration and eye candy these past weeks. It is such a great tool for cataloging ideas and photos found on the www and so much prettier than file folders on your desktop. Thanks to poppytalk for pinning it forward to me on Friday and I'll pass the torch to slipcover your life who will be posting tomorrow. Check the schedule to see who else is involved. For the rest of my 'What Home Means to Me' Pinboard, and others go HERE. Enjoy!

To me, Home is...

A Place To Come Back To
A Place To Kick Off Your Shoes

A Place To Be In Love

A Place To Learn

A Place For Commitment

A Place To Fill With Music

A Place To See Yourself Clearly

A Place To Let Loose


Ben said...

I liked this post a lot. Especially the idea that home is a place to come back to and kick off your shoes. :) Thanks for contributing to pin-it-fwd. I hope pinterest is useful and fun for you!

Pamela said...

Love this collection! And how fun is it that Poppytalk picked you! Told you you were a cool cat.

Sarita said...

1) What Home Means To Me has me singing Home Means Nevada from the brief time I lived there.

2) So Ive been checking out Pinterest and am in *love* with this idea of saving and maybe sharing the beautiful things I find instead of having files upon files of stuff that I may never look at let alone find what I need. So I joined. So excited.