Friday, December 12, 2008

City sidewalks... dressed in Holiday Style

Last night I met up with Jeremy to join him on his walk home from the office. We took the scenic route cuz our neighborhood's so festive lately.

Jer waited patiently for me to snap some photos
(Rockstar was patient too.)
I want to come back here with a tripod. I kinda like it all jittery though.

Tonight we're going to watch the home team:
And I'm soooo excited to go see this tomorrow:


lindsey said...

Can I just say that you two are so cool?!! Just a very cool couple who do very fun things!

Happy weekend!

emcqueen said...

Hey, did you like the film? I only know that story from a Caldecott Medal Children's book called "The Man Who Walked Between the Towers" Its a great book.

Is the film worth seeing?

M.O.Kelly said...

I saw Man On Wire two weeks ago. I had to watch it twice, because I wanted Katie to see it too before I sent it back to NetFlix. It is Awesome. (Be warned, there is some nudity at the very end)