Monday, December 8, 2008


I guess now you can't say you never win anything...
Nuestra Familia.
Congratulations to my sister's friend Ale!!!
Email me with your address and I'll send that calendar right over. (red rover, red rover)
Thanks to all who played! SO NICE to have your support!!!

In other news... Before my mom left town this past weekend she, my sis and I made our way over to House of Vintage. Here are some of my prizes:

would you believe $5?

ps- I know it's backwards, that's the nature of ttv photography. :)

These are vintage gym lockers. I am so excited to have found these babies because our new loft (we're moving in three weeks) has an entire wall of built in bookshelves. Super cool (there's a rolling ladder and everything) but super hard to fill. These will be a great because they can store my less-cute belongings and fill up some of that shelf space. Yay!

Same fan as above, I just kinda liked this picture.

Also, all morning I've been listening to this:

Sadly, he's not here but my daddy's Christmas album has definitely been on repeat. The sound of acoustic guitar takes me right home.


Nuestra Familia said...

I can't believe it! Thanks so much Carrie. Great pictures and finds, it's so fun to get some shopping time with your sis and mom. Ale

emcqueen said...

A ROLLING LADDER!!!! OH my goodness. That is personal dream of mine.

The Callahan's said...

I love old vintage and antique things! I will have to check that store out! where is it?